We are committed to the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants.

In the last 10 years, the consumption of MAP products has increased exponentially and with it the agricultural area devoted to these crops and the introduction of new actors in the market, generating the need for access to specific services and inputs.


To promote the production of organically grown MAP in Spain.

Promote the rapprochement between the actors of the sector, acting as a link between producers, processors, processors, entities, associations and research centres specialised in MAP crops, making our plant material, facilities, personnel and knowledge available to the project, our clients, partners and collaborators.


From our point of view, MAP crops are a viable agricultural alternative for a more sustainable world. They represent a viable source of income for small and medium-sized farms, promote biodiversity, rural occupation, and increase the refuge area for pollinators.

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Who we are?

The ECOPAM Division is part of the family company Planteles Lloveras, which is made up of more than 35 people and has specialised in the production of seedlings for more than 40 years.

The ECOPAM division is made up of a specialised technical team that provides support in agronomic and commercial advice and manages the production processes of the plant.

Aleix Gámez as head of production, Joan Pol Villellas as project manager and technical service and Paul Lloveras as CEO. In addition to all the human team that makes Planteles Lloveras work.

What we do?

ECOPAM provides a nursery service specialising in the sowing and reproduction of organically grown aromatic and medicinal plants for agricultural production.

We study each case separately and provide support in the choice, search and acquisition of varieties, and we produce the necessary seedlings, both cuttings and seed, either from the farmer himself, from our list of varieties, or from our suppliers and collaborators.

Orders are shipped to our customers through the best transport companies in our country, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of our products when they arrive at their destination.

How do we do it?

We are committed to product quality and the sustainability of our activity.

Our long experience in the sector supports the work we do, and thanks to our experience with a wide range of certifications, such as ISO9001, and our career as a nursery, we are able to develop our activity under the most rigorous quality standards.

Through the implementation of measures such as the use of renewable energy to power our facilities, the rainwater harvesting and storage for the irrigation of our crops, and the technification of our installations for the process and resource optimisationWe strive to keep our activity as sustainable as possible, thus minimising the carbon footprint.

We currently hold the MPS sustainability certification and the AEE for organic farming.

Location and Facilities

Our facilities are located in the town of Sant Andreu de Llavaneras in the Maresme region, in the province of Barcelona This privileged area, together with our modern equipment and facilities, allows us to develop our seedlings in optimal conditions for hardening and adaptation, so that they arrive at their destination fully prepared for cultivation.