Variety research, seed procurement and import-export services.

-If the species or variety is not in our catalogue, we will search for it through our suppliers and partners.

-If the suppliers are from outside the EU, we take care of all the import formalities.

*Procurement of very specific seeds can be complicated by limited market availability, so orders should be placed in advance. We recommend that this be done before the beginning of January for spring-summer crops, and in June at the latest for autumn-winter crops.

Seed germination and propagation of cuttings

-We have a large capacity for the production of seedlings. On average, we produce 500,000 seedlings and 150,000 cuttings per week in our facilities.

-We have a wide range of formats, from 296 cell trays to 0.355 litre containers.

-Seeds can be provided by the customer, or from the list of our varieties.

Note: Availability assured for the varieties listed under “Our specialities”.

Technical support

-We can advise you on the choice of varieties, alternatives, formats and substrates.

-We make you a proposal adapted to your needs.

-You can consult us about the status and progress of your seedling order. Day of sowing, condition, plant dimensions, phytosanitary treatments, etc..

Note: The services of monitoring, agricultural consultancy, sampling, sample preparation and analysis are included in orders of a certain number of plants. Please consult our team for a personalised offer.

Specialised laboratory

-Several of our partners are research institutes specialised in MAP, with laboratories and equipment specialised in the analysis of raw material quality factors.

-We provide our customers with access to the analysis service so that they can check the quality of their product and help them to differentiate and value it in the market.

Note: We can take, prepare and send samples.

A specialised agronomist will come to your farm to take samples and prepare them properly for shipment and analysis.

In addition to the sample collection and preparation service, a report on the quality of the samples analysed is included.